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Cooks from Home story

The story starts with 2 neighbours, each a busy mother with 3 children. I was juggling the big city commute, working full time and had just finished an MBA. Madeleine worked from her home. Among her many talents, Madeleine can cook and she understood that often during the week I was beyond fatigue. Mado began to bring me and my family delicious home cooked meals.

Cooks from Home was inspired by a great friendship that grew between us, originally over crazy-delicious and comforting meals, but fed by supporting each through all the ups, downs and giggles of raising our children.

When my 9-5 colleagues heard the stories of my good fortune, they would lament ‘'I need a Mado in my life''! Convinced that every neighbourhood was abundant with great cooks - our Mothers, Sons, Aunts, Brother-in-law, upstairs neighbour - and that people who love to cook inherently love to share, I had a new life mission. What if? Why not?

I left my career in Risk Management and Cooks from Home / Cuisine Voisine was incorporated on December 12th, 2014. I was soon joined by Martin Tremblay and Geneviève Benoit, passionate foodies and co-owners of Productions Les Affranchis, who took charge of the platform development and user interface. We are now, together, Cooks from Home.

At Cooks from Home we strive to facilitate a better world, one neighbourhood at a time. Since the official Launch in August 2015, Cooks from Home has empowered numerous passionate, dynamic and creative Home Cooks to join with us to become micro-entrepreneurs.

Cooks from Home inspires neighbours to connect, meet and share good food and good stories.

Cooks from Home animates the desire to learn, explore and discover.

Cooks from Home motivates change and challenges each of us to re-think our implication in how we source our food and build a better society.

While Cooks from Home is about the art of Cooking and Eating, it speaks to the idea of meeting a neighbour to discover the provenance, the stories, the experiences that an individual carries with them when sharing home made food..

Every dish is a personal statement and behind every dish lies our shared humanity.

Join us in this fabulous journey to find your own “ Mado”, your neighbours who are today cooking delicious food made especially for you.

Meet the Team...Beware, we bite! [Kathleen - Geneviève - Martin and Camille]