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COOKS FROM HOME simply means homecooked meals in your neighbourhood.

Is this legal?

Yes, but COOKS and EATERS must agree to the Terms & Conditions of COOKS FROM HOME prior to joining.

Food hygiene

COOKS FROM HOME is not responsible for the actions of COOKS and EATERS. This includes the preparation of the meal (hygiene), the proper labeling of the ingredients, the price of the meal, the packaging and transport and how personal information is handled. It also includes any indirect and consequential damage.

Any complaints regarding the hygiene of the food provided should be submitted to with photographic proof. COOKS FROM HOME will address each complaint on a case-by-case basis.

Check your local health authorities for food hygiene information. For example, in Quebec:


I love the idea of selling Homemade food to my neighbours but I’m not sure how to get started…

Don’t worry! That’s why we’ve whipped up a Cook’s Guidebook for you! It will help you build and grow your #CooksfromHome clientele. Simply click on the link below to download your own copy of the Cook’s Guidebook and start spreading the goodness of your homemade Cuisine in your neighbourhood:

What packaging should I use?

Try to be environmentally conscious in your choice of container, however the dish you are offering will often determine the container that is suitable for take out. Essentially serve food to others as you would like to receive it yourself.

Can someone else make my delivery instead? / How does delivery work?

Yes delivery can be made by someone else. Delivery arrangements however are agreed between COOK and EATER, not through the COOKS FROM HOME site.

How do I contact EATERS who reserve my dishes?

At this time, COOKS will receive an email to indicate who has made a purchase for their food, the number of portions and the time frame they will be by to pick it up.They will also receive the EATER's email.

Can I change or cancel a dish once I post it?

It is actually important to keep your dishes updated, so you have the option to change or create meals. HOWEVER, if there is a purchase you can not make any changes on the portions purchased.

Do I need to cook in a commercial kitchen?

COOKS FROM HOME is actually defined by homecooked meals which is why home kitchens are where the food should be cooked.

What about food hygiene standards?

You should follow all recommended food safety standards and recommendations when preparing your dishes. You can find such information from and through your local public health department. Check out these links for more info

Consumer's guide:

Can a professional chef or caterer post on COOKS FROM HOME?

Sure! We are always looking for COOKS, may they be professional or not, as long as the food is cooked at home.

How many dishes can I post on COOKS FROM HOME?

There is no limit so let your imagination flow and share your meals with the craving EATERS!

Why is it better to post meals with pictures?

EATERS are always more attracted if there are pictures because it's the first thing they will look at. You could also post a picture of ingredients or the meal in process. An image is worth a thousand words, piques the interest of EATERS and insures confidence.

How can I make my profile more attractive?

Pictures are always a good trick, but don't forget to complete all the steps of your profile too. Remember, people like to know the COOK! So pictures of yourself, your kitchen and your dishes add flavor to your profile. Sharing more information about yourself and your passion to cook increases the confidence of potential EATERS to ‘bite' (order from you).

What happens if an eater doesn’t show up to pick up the meal?

Once you have received the purchase confirmation email, the transaction is final and the money will be transfer to your account. A cook does not have to keep a dish past the pick up window, unless previously agreed upon with the eater.

How do COOKS set their prices?

Think about how much you would pay for the same service. COOKS FROM HOME allows you to set the compensation you would like for your effort and to subsidise your ingredient purchases.


How do Eaters know the food is safe?

Once you bought a dish, you can contact the Cook by email to ask questions. In some ways, Eaters can think of ordering food on COOKS FROM HOME as similar to receiving food from a family member, neighbor, or co-worker.

What if a Eater wants to cancel an order?

Once a Eater has purchased an order, it can not be cancelled.

What about refunds?

If an Eater is unsatisfied with a dish or the service received, please submit a claim to and we will analyse each situation case by case. We reserve the right to remove Cooks from the platform if there are too many complaints.

What if the food offered by the Cook doesn’t match the food as advertised on the site?

If an Eater is unsatisfied with a dish or the service received, please submit a claim to and we will analyse each situation case by case. COOKS FROM HOME reserves the right to remove undesirable COOKS from the platform.