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Terms and conditions


Simple Code of Conduct

There is a lot a legalese below but the gist of it is, we don't control the food you buy so we can't be responsible. Be good to each other and all will be fine!”

Cooks from Home (CFH) endeavors to encourage good people to meet and share good food. Please participate with the best intentions of neighborly respect and courtesy.

Transactions are between the buyer and the seller. is available to facilitate your participation in Cooks from Home and questions you may have on the present Terms and Conditions (or any other subject). If you are unsure about anything written here, email us so we'll sort it out for you and in the meantime, don't use CFH.

Terms and conditions

Cooks from Home (CFH) is an easy-to-use online marketplace that creates an opportunity for neighbors to source and share delicious homemade food.

On CFH you can post photos and descriptions to share your kitchen creations with neighbours.

With its online platform, CFH allows you to recruit Eaters (Consumers) for your cooking, subsidize your pantry purchases and engage with your community.

1. Signing up

1.1 Be truthful

You may view the food on offer as an unregistered visitor to the Site, however if you wish to buy food or create a food offer, it is necessary to sign up.

Everyone who registers on the CFH site will receive an email confirmation. If you didn't receive it in your inbox, it might have made its way to your spam; add us as a secure sender.

You can have only one (1) active CFH Account. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and to update the information as necessary. CFH reserves the right to suspend or terminate your CFH Account and your access to the Site, at its entire discretion.

It is important that you provide the right contact information to CFH, to facilitate the sharing of meals.

You agree that CFH can save your personal information and link it to your account, namely your name, email, and street address. You also agree as Cook that this personal information is provided to the Eater (Consumer) that comes to pick up your meal. As a Consumer you agree to provide your contact information – name, e-mail address or postal code – to the Cook.

1.2 Discretion to refuse access

CFH reserves the right to refuse to allow any user to open an account for any reason.

1.3 Cancelling your account

Should you wish to cancel your account, please use the Contact form to let us know, and we will comply with your wishes.

1.4 Termination of account

If your account is terminated, you may not rejoin CFH again without our express permission.

2. Responsibility

The responsibility of CFH and the Cooks and Eaters (Consumers) who are active on CFH will be discussed below.

2.1 Responsibility of CFH

2.1.1 The responsibility of CFH is limited to the responsibility that comes forth out of its service as a technical platform and payment system to facilitate the offer of Home Cooked food by Cooks to local consumers.

2.1.2 By joining the CFH community you state that you clearly understand that you are buying food prepared in a home, in the same way and conditions that the Cook would prepare for their personal consumption, and for their family and friends.

2.1.3 CFH does its best to maintain flawless operation of its website to the best of its ability but does not guarantee the website will not on occasion be down for service or due to unforeseen technical difficulties.

2.2 Responsibility of Cook and Eater

You are responsible for maintenance and security of your account and the protection of your password. Interaction with any user, including communications, meetings, agreements or other dealings, including the sharing, purchasing or selling food or negotiation of the same, is at the member's risk.

2.2.1 The Cook is responsible for the consequences of its own actions. This includes amongst others the preparation of the meal (hygiene), the price and description of the meal and how personal information of the Eater is handled.

2.2.2 The Eater is responsible for the consequences of its own actions.

3. Ownership

It takes a lot of talent and the consumption of mountains of caramel popcorn to design and write the information on this site. The look and feel of the website, its design and contents, including trademarks, logos, images, photos and texts, are intellectual property of CFH. It is forbidden to copy, multiply, disseminate or provide these properties to others in any way without written permission.

4. Copyright

The Cook remains the copyright owner of any photos he snaps and uploads onto the CFH website. The Cook grants CFH a non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable, worldwide licence to use the photos on or in connection with its website.

5. Privacy

CFH encourages safer and friendlier neighborhoods. For CFH to function, it is necessary to send information such as the street address, and email between the Cook and Consumer to facilitate the sharing of food. CFH is bound by relevant laws and rules considering privacy. We will do our utmost to ensure that your personal information is handled carefully. Only your profile name, and approximate street location will be shown on the website. CFH has taken appropriate security measures to protect information against theft or illegal processing.

6. Modifications

CFH holds the right to make changes on the website, including the general Terms and Conditions, without advance notice. We advise members to check regularly whether the information on the website has changed.

7. Pricing and Payment

The CFH secure (PCI compliant) online payment system simplifies the transaction between the Cook and the Eater. Cooks decide what they want to cook, when they want to offer it, and the price at which to sell it. To reserve their food, the Eater pays through the CFH secure website with a credit card.

All sales and money transfers are handled by a third party, namely STRIPE inc., and they are the sole party responsible for all financial transactions, namely the security and completion thereof. If you have any sort of problem during a transaction made through CFH, we will do our best to sort it out with Stripe and you. CFH does not keep or store user credit card or any other bank account informations.

8. Cancellations and Refunds

Eaters cannot cancel their purchases once confirmed.

If a Cook cancels a confirmed booking made via the Site, CFH will refund the total fees for such a booking to the applicable Eater within a commercially reasonable amount of time.

If an Eater is extremely unsatisfied with Food provided by a Cook, the Eater may request a refund of the Total Fees by sending an e-mail, within 24 hours of receiving the meal with an explanation to Should the explanation be receivable, the Eater will receive a refund within a commercially reasonable amount of time.


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10. Reporting Misconduct

Call the police. Email us.